Lena’s Wig Buying Guide

Lena’s Wig Buying Guide

What you need to know for smart wig shopping!

  • Ask questions! If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Ask about the hair, how it's treated, and how long it may last. Knowing how the wig is made affects its condition. So, dig into these details and choose with confidence for the best outcome.
  • Inspect the wig after it's washed and air-dried. This step is crucial as styling can hide signs of low hair quality.
  • Go outside with the wig to see how it looks in natural light. Just looking at the wig indoors won't show if the color suits you well.
  • Never buy a wig under pressure! I know it's really tempting to grab something NOW, but it’s risky to make decisions when you’re stressed.
  • Ask about the warranty. Keep the warranty and receipt as proof of purchase for any future issues. Understand the warranty terms and keep the paperwork in a safe place to feel confident wearing the wig.
  • Make sure you understand the haircut process and how many times you can come back for adjustments. Be clear about the style you want and bring a picture as a reference.

Your wig won't look exactly like your natural hair, but it will come close. You'll look incredible and no one will be able to tell it's a wig, but you'll still look a bit different. Knowing this upfront will be really helpful. Before going out in public wearing the wig for the first time, give yourself some extra time to get ready.
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