Lena's Wig Care Guide

Lena's Wig Care Guide

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Washing: every 4-8 weeks

  1. Brush out any knots & remove any hair stuck in the combs or clips
  2. Hold wig by the part while you wash so that you don't lose the part's place
  3. Wet thoroughly, shampoo gently twice, & don't scrub skin part at the top of the wig
  4.  Rinse & apply conditioner to bottom half of wig, never to the skin part
  5. Rinse completely so that all product is out of hair
  6. Ring out wig to remove excess water.  Wrap wig in a towel to dry for 15-20 minutes
  7. Remove wig from towel & using a wet brush through the hair
  8. If tangles remain, spray with detangling spray and gently brush out
  9. Apply any product you are using (mousse, cream, etc.), put wig on wig head, & let dry overnight or at least until 80% dry

Styling: best to find a pro and minimize heat

  1. I strongly recommend that you have a professional style your wig. 
  2. NOTE: Most salons work with wigs, & any experienced stylists should be able to style a wig. The same CAN NOT be said for cutting wigs. That requires specific training.
  3. To style your own wig you will need: a wig head, a wig clamp, T-pins, a round blow drying brush, a curling iron, a blow dryer with a director, and a heat protectant product. 
  4. Watch YouTube tutorials on curling & blow drying to learn techniques
  5. VERY IMPORTANT:  To extend the life of your wig, use the least amount of heat you can to achieve the look you want & do not use heat above 350º on your curling iron
  6. Your wig should be at least 80% dry when you begin styling. DO NOT dry a wig from totally wet to dry with a blow dryer if you can help it.
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