Making the Cut

So you've chosen a wig and now it's time for The Cut. For many women, this is the scariest part of the process because it's the make it or break it moment for the wig. 

There is a lot of room for mistakes and miscommunication when it comes to the cut, but with my simple strategies, you can have a successful experience.

  1. Your wig should be washed and air dried before you arrive. If you get to the salon and the hair is wet or just being washed, I'd recommend rescheduling.
  2. You need to discuss price BEFORE the stylist starts cutting. Don't rely on what your sister's best friend's mother told you the prices are. Ask her directly, and find out what that covers. Can you come back multiple times to have the cut tweaked?
  3. The consultation you have before the cut is the key to things turning out well. You need to be crystal clear about what you want.
  4. Unless you are so naturally gorgeous, easygoing, and flexible that any old style will suit you, DO NOT arrive and tell the stylist that she should just give you the cut she thinks will look best.
  5. Bring a picture, or bring your old wig, if you want the new one to look similar. The more you show, rather than just tell her what it should look like, the less of a chance there is for miscommunication.
  6. The bangs and front of the wig are really the most important part of the cut. Ask her to cut them in stages if you are not sure what length or style you want. You can always go shorter, but remember there's no growing back.
  7. If you feel that a cutting error has occurred, ask her to stop. If indeed a mistake has been made, it may be possible for her to remedy it somehow. But don't wait till the end, when there will be less to be done.
  8. If the stylist seems distracted, ask politely if you might reschedule. It's totally understandable for her to take one phone call or answer a customer, but things will not generally turn out well if she is constantly being interrupted. Wig cuts are costly—you deserve her undivided time and attention.
  9. Have your wig rewashed and set after the cut. The hair will fall better. For some reason hair always looks a little different when it’s freshly cut. You’ll like what you see in the mirror better if you take this extra step.
  10. Wear the cut for a few days before you make any decisions about cutting more. Give yourself a chance to get used to your new look. Remember, go slow and enjoy your new fabulousness.
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