Wig Buying Explained

Overwhelmed and confused? Follow my tips to educate and empower yourself.

  • Ask questions! When something seems too good to be true, it is. Where is the hair from? Has it been stripped of cuticle or dyed? How long is it expected to last? Understand that the more processed the hair, the shorter the life of the wig.
  • Consider a somewhat precut piece. How many times have you bought a totally raw wig, only to end up hating the cut? When you buy knowing what the wig basically looks like, you're at a great advantage.
  • A wig should be washed before it's cut. If not, there is no guarantee that the way it looks in the store is the way it will look after being cleaned. It's useful to know what the hair looks like when it's air dried.
  • Take the wig outside to see yourself in natural light. Indoor lighting will not accurately show if the color suits your complexion.
  • Don't buy a wig under pressure or one that can't be returned. I know it's really tempting to grab something at a sale, but if you can't at least wear it for a day to make sure it's right for you, you're taking a risk. 
  • Always find out the specifics of what the wig's warranty covers. Get it in writing with your dated receipt.
  • Ask what the cut covers—how many times can you come back to have it fine-tuned? Make sure you are crystal clear about the cut and bring a picture. Don't be afraid to speak up for yourself and insist upon good customer service. This is your wig and your money.
  • Reality check—your wig will not look exactly like your hair. It will come close; you will look amazing; it will be undetectable; but you will look different. Realizing this from the beginning will help a lot. Before you venture in public for the first time in a wig, give yourself at least an extra hour to get ready. You'll want it.
  • Take care of your wig. How a wig wears is dependent on three things: hair quality, proper care, and frequencey of use. Generally, a high-quality wig lasts two to five years and a lower-end piece around one to two years. Mistreating a wig will exponentially shorten its life. Using low-quality products and too much heat on your wig will damage it. Do you wear your wig 14 hours a day 7 days a week or twice a week for 6 hours? Less use equals longer wear.
  • Wigs don't last forever. Don't wear your wig past its expiration date. You deserve to feel like your beautiful, unique self. Let your wig help.
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