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Our Promise to You

16 Mar, 2016

Our Promise to You

Lena’s Wigs opened our doors for business in 2008. Since then, I’ve been asked many times how I got the idea to start a wig consignment store. And I always answer, “I was my first customer.”

I cover my hair for religious reasons, so I bought my first wig in 2003 right before I got married. I knew next to nothing about wigs, and my first one, at $1,800, was a bust. And the thing that bothered me most was the customer service experience. These wigs are big ticket items, yet the customer service experience felt closer to Walmart than Nordstrom.

So when I opened Lena’s Wigs, I promised to make it a low key, reasonably priced, and demystifying buying experience.

Now years later, my customers come from all walks of life: women with hair loss, fashion industry insiders, and women who wear wigs for religious observance. They all shared one problem: wigs were too expensive, confusing, and scary to buy.

I opened Lena’s Wigs to solve that problem. Now go enjoy the benefits!

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