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You Deserve Great Service

16 Jun, 2016

You Deserve Great Service

Just something I was thinking about...many women have a hard time communicating their unhappiness with a purchase when something isn't working.

Remember, wig sellers and hair stylists are working in a service industry, ladies! Good customer service is part of what you are paying for. I know it may feel uncomfortable, but it's important to give the stylist or seller the chance to make things right. 

Forging a bond with a reliable, honest, and easy ­to ­work with wig seller is very important. Things happen, and you need to feel comfortable going to her for help. She should be your advocate. If you are made to feel that you are being unreasonable and too demanding, this is not the place for you.

The same goes for any wig manufacturer that doesn't truly stand behind its (very expensive) product. Part of the high cost of a new wig is the manufacturer's warranty.

If you don't receive satisfying service, vote with your pocketbook and never buy there again. Because you deserve the best.

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