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Our Story

Lena Fleminger, CEO of Lena’s Wigs, opened her bricks and mortar store in Baltimore in 2008 and launched our online store in 2016. What began as a second-hand wig shop in her basement has grown into a business that now also sells hundreds of manufacturers’ overstock wigs, Lena’s own line of handmade wigs, new wigs from a variety of manufactures, and handles traveling sales for other wig companies.

Here's a quick Q and A with Lena to explain what Lena's Wigs is all about:

Q: How did the business get started?

"I alway joke that I was my first customer," says Lena. "I had a not so great first wig buying experience when I got married in 2003 and wanted to sell my wig. I realized a lot of my friends were in the same boat. And with wigs being so expensive, other women were really happy to get a great deal.

What bothered me the most about my first wig-buying fiasco was the customer service experience--I paid nearly $2,000 and it felt closer to Walmart than Nordstrom! So part of my goal when I opened Lena’s Wigs was to make it a low key, reasonably priced, and transparent buying experience."

Q: And how has your business changed over the years?

"When I started, I only sold nearly-new second hand wigs. Over the years, we’ve become like the Nordstrom Rack or of wigs. When a wig manufacturer overproduces, we jump in, negotiate the best prices, and are able to offer the wigs at 30-75% off of retail. So instead of paying $3,500 for a gorgeous European wig, you’re paying $1,500. I also make my own wigs, and sell a few different brands of new wigs."

Q: Why launch an online store?

"Most of our customers already buy from outside of Baltimore. And they’ve been asking me for years to do this because it’s so convenient.

Personally, shopping online makes my life SO much easier. anyone? Plus, is kinda like a treasure hunt: always something new, never the same selection twice, shipping is free, and we take returns, so people love it."

Q: Any advice for wig buyers?

"So much! I see every brand and hear literally every story. Read my blog!"

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