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At Lena's Wigs, we've got stock. More than 500 pieces for you to choose from. So no worries, we have what you're looking for.

What we sell


Our most popular product. These are high-end wigs from name brands. When a wig manufacturer overproduces, discontinues a line, or simply wants to sell quickly, we negotiate an amazing deal and pass the savings on to you.


New wigs from the manufacturers we trust and endorse for quality and customer service. We only sell what we wear. Lena and her team have spent years choosing the best vendors for our customer. Trust and quality come first.


Fun Fact: Lena's Wigs began as a wig consignment store. Our second-hand wigs are gently worn, but new to you. Fall in love with a wig that just didn’t work for someone else and save thousands. These are usually our most budget friendly wigs.

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Lena's Wigs
3930 Fallstaff Rd.
Baltimore, MD  21215

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