• Overstock Wigs

    Our most popular product: high-end wigs from big name brands. When a wig manufacturer overproduces, discontinues a line, or simply wants to sell quickly, we negotiate an amazing deal and pass the savings on to you.

  • Retail Priced Wigs

    New wigs from the manufacturers we trust and endorse for quality and customer service. We only sell what we wear. Lena and her team have spent years choosing the best vendors for our customer. Trust and quality come first.

  • Secondhand Wigs

    Fun Fact: Lena's Wigs began as a wig consignment store. Our second-hand wigs are gently worn, but new to you. Fall in love with a wig that just didn’t work for someone else and save thousands. These are usually our most budget friendly wigs.

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  • Shipping/Returns

    Shipping is FREE at Lena's Wigs. We ship wigs out every Wednesday.

    We accept returns within three business days of the package's arrival at your home. For example, if a wig is delivered to your home on Monday, it must be in the mail by Thursday. Exceptions will not be made.

    Please email info@lenaswigs.com for a return shipping label.

    If you are not keeping any of the wigs, upon receiving your returned item(s) and verifying that it's in its original purchase condition, we will issue a refund, minus a flat restocking fee of $20 for up to three wigs ($20 total, not $20 for each wig).

    If you are keeping a wig (or two) there is no restocking fee for the wigs you return.

    Wigs that have been damaged or altered in any way—cut, dyed, altered, etc.—cannot be returned. Any merchandise damaged due to customer negligence cannot be returned.

    Please note, we do not hold wigs for customers. Until payment is received, the wig remains on sale.

    If you return a wig outside of the 3-day limit, your return will not be accepted. Exceptions will not be made. Your wig will be shipped back to you, at your cost, for $10.

  • Warranties

    SECOND HAND and OVERSTOCK wigs (wigs that are manufacturer's overstock and inventory liquidation) are sold at a deep discount.

    They do not include any warranty. There are no exceptions.

    We make every effort to ensure that the unwarrantied items we sell are in good to excellent condition. With this in mind, it's safe to expect that our SECOND HAND (and some of our OVERSTOCK) wigs will show some signs of wear.

    If you have a tangling problem with an unwarrantied wig, we will treat the tangling for free.

    You are responsible for shipping the wig to us. If our treatment is not successful and you need to replace hair, we will not cover the cost of the replacement.

    New wigs are covered by the individual manufacturer's warranty.

    Warrantied wigs will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer at their discretion. Money will not be refunded.

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