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Hair Loss, A Love Story

Someone I love, M, has androgenic alopecia. By 28, about 70% of M's once beautiful, thick, dark hair was gone. She was devastated.

She tried it all: visits to the endocrinologist, hair chalk and Rogaine, vitamins and supplements. Next was a very expensive hair replacements system that cost thousands, had to be removed every few weeks, and damaged the hair she had left.

Wigs were not much better: expensive, cheaply constructed, ill-fitting and made with low-quality hair. Were there no better options?

I watched M struggle with hair loss almost my entire life. Years later, when my wig business expanded to include women with hair loss, I knew I could offer something better.

I’ve spent years perfecting my line of wigs, LENA Handmade Wigs, and I love what we’ve created.

My wigs are made 100% by hand. No itchy, heavy wefts. High quality minimally processed Brazilian and European hair. Soft, stretchy caps that hug the contours of your head like a glove.

These wigs are for every woman who has ever walked into work and felt conspicuous because the hair she’s wearing looks unnatural.

And for every woman who has suffered discomfort or migraines from a tight or itchy and irritating cap.

And for every woman who has overpaid for a hair replacement system only to have it fall apart months later.

And for everyone woman who has ever felt less than beautiful because of hair loss.

And for you, because you deserve it.

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