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LENA Handmade Wigs

I manufacture my own brand of light/­medium density wigs­­, LENA Handmade Wigs.

Here's why. Years ago, I was tired of being uncomfortable with how my wig looked and felt. Truly sick of it. I searched for a wig that met my needs: ­­comfortable, lightweight, well-made, not wiggy looking, reasonably priced, and did I mention comfortable?

Nothing fit the bill, so I decided to make them myself. No more headaches, no more itching, just beautiful, blissfully comfortable wigs. That's my promise to you


1. What is a handmade cap?

On a handmade (often referred to as hand­tied or hand­-ventilated) wig, highly­trained, skilled workers tie small individual groups of hairs into a stretchy wig cap. It takes about 45 hours of handwork to produce just one wig.

Making a wig by hand creates a lighter, more natural looking wig and a MUCH less binding cap. The hair comes out of the cap in the same direction that it grows out of a scalp. The cap stretches in all directions; a wefted wig can only stretch vertically. Unfortunately, many wig wearers have no idea that hand­tied wigs even exist. Due to the time­-consuming and costly nature of producing hand­tied wigs, most manufacturers only offer machine­-wefted wigs.

2. Who are these for?

Handmade wigs are for everyone, but are particularly amazing for women who have comfort and fit issue with wefted wigs, and for women with hair loss.

Migraine sufferers, these are the only wigs for you. They’re also fabulous for customers who want a low density, super realistic and undetectable hair piece. These wigs aren’t overly full and you won’t look wiggy in them–you’ll look like a woman with a silky, beautiful head of hair–it’s that simple.

3. Will it last as long as a wefted wig?

Yes! Hand­tied wigs are not more fragile and less long-­lasting than their cheaper machine-made cousins. When a handmade wig is designed and produced by highly skilled designers and craftspeople, and cared for by professionals, its life is equal to that of a machine­-wefted wig.

4. What do customers say?

When I put a handmade wig on a customer for the first time, the reaction is immediate and very strong, “I never realized a wig could feel this comfortable."

Try a LENA and you will never go back.

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