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How our warranties work.

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PRELOVED wigs (secondhand wigs) and OVERSTOCK wigs (wigs that are manufacturer's overstock and inventory liquidation) are sold at a deep discount. For this reason, they DO NOT INCLUDE ANY WARRANTY and are sold as is. There are no exceptions.

We make every effort to ensure that the unwarrantied items we sell are in good to excellent condition. With this in mind, it's safe to expect that our PRELOVED (and some of our OVERSTOCK) wigs will show some signs of wear.

If you have a tangling problem with an unwarrantied wig, we will treat the tangling for free. You are responsible for shipping the wig to us. If our treatment is not successful and you need to replace hair, we will not cover the cost of the replacement.

New wigs are covered by the individual manufacturer's warranty. Warrantied wigs will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer at their discretion. Money will not be refunded. If the issue is found to be normal wear and tear, or the results of a customer error, we will notify you and give you an estimate on repairs.

The warranty does not cover problems caused by customer errors like washing a wig incorrectly, dying a wig incorrectly, burning/singeing hair with heat, or other mistakes made in the care of your wig. Warranty covers wigs that are washed, colored, and cared for only by salon professionals. 

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